Using Google Docs

How to download a Google document so you can work with it in your system:

  1. Click on the link to the document. It should open as a Google document in an Internet browser window. The example below shows the Container Cleaning Policy opened as a Google doc in the Mozilla Firefox browser:

2. In the upper left of the Google document screen, find the tab that says “File:”

3. Click on “File.” You should see a pop-up menu that includes the item “Download as >”

4. Click on “Download as >.” You should see a second pop-up menu that lists several options for format of the downloaded file:

Microsoft Word (.docx)
OpenDocument format (.odt)
Rich Text Format (.rtf)
PDF Document (.pdf)
Plain Text (.txt)
Web Page (.html, zipped)
EPub Publication (.epub)

Choose the format that will work with the word processing program you use on your computer.

5. Follow the pop-up prompts to download and save the file on your computer.

6. Open the file in your word processing program and edit it as needed for your market.